Website Development

Our designer team has created a set of custom-made web-developments each of which is used by a huge number of our customers. Our team of experts has extensive expertise in designing modules from promo code discount modules to web-based customer communication applications.

Our team is highly qualified and experienced in developing new solutions for specific tasks. By using a wide range of standard tools you can create applications which will definitely meet all your requirements.

Our staff works with the latest software.

Below are only some examples of the projects which have been successfully implemented by our designers: web based applications

web based applications were worked out by us for quite a long time. They all are strictly individual in order to satisfy business needs of our customers. We understand the importance of deep analysis of customer's behavior so we are ready to provide your acting at the moment ecommerce solution with applications that are specialized for customer relationship management. It will surely help customers to fulfill their necessity of information. To say more, we have the support desk management application that without any doubts will broad your customers shopping practice.

Electronic signature applicaion

The most suitable ways of electronic signature applications are: by web browser and by application. signatures both in electronic and image forms can be kept at the local base or remote server. The last one is achieved by safe internet connection. Such eSignature files allows to save a substantial part of client's time and of course money. Because PDFs document can contain eSignature files just from the start in their structure. In order to improve qualities of this software in its developing were used the most progressive programming languages.

Quotation management application

One of the way to save money and to refuse from the routine paperwork is the quotation management application. Our company worked out such highly professional application that allows your staff to sent proper quotes using templates. This software is individually bespoke that's why the choice of quote templates are rather variable for any sales situations.

Price matrix & product attributes module

Our team provides price matrix template module for companies according to their individual orders. The price matrix web based module gives possibility to broad choice of prices for each order depending on its characteristics. This application, thanks to flexible price matrix, rapidly forms modules of new products. We also have worked out a mask for filling properties of products. This mask gives opportunity to your manager to shift and add products properties operatively directly on the web-site by a one click.

Enterprise management system (EMS)

Our company has developed one EMS product that combine in its structure such important management functions as administrating of customers, relations, cooperation, plans, tasks and services. Thanks to the possibility of remote access to data and records you can rapidly and more accurately manage your work. We provide opportunity to customize the EMS app individually in the best way to your particular business qualities and on-going needs. And what is also important is that all this transactions you can do just in a moment.

Support desk management

In order to Run your support service more intelligently our company has developed the Support Desk Management app. This product deals with all incoming support requests of your clients to create the fullest history of these relationships. SDM is individually specialized to give you opportunity to recall all requests in any time with the help of automatically created links.