Order Management

The order management subsystem of our company system provides the highest possible degree of automation of processing orders and thus optimizes the performance of individual manufacturing processes, taking into account the overall implementation of the process as a whole. The settlements can be done immediately after rendering of the service, if necessary, in real time, through mobile communication. Meanwhile there is a continuous process documenting, including through the multi-channel network. The orders are managed according to the following plan:

  • Order portfolio formation;
  • Formation of the finished products (works, services) marketing and sales plan and applications for production.
  • Formation of the finished goods (works, services) delivery schedule. The calculations are made based on a number of additional factors, such as delivery time, size of the lot, completion term etc.;
  • Identification of sources to cover the customers needs in products and goods;
  • Monitoring of implementation of plans and consumers’ applications according to the operational records;
  • Formation of application (orders) to produce the desired product;
  • Formation of applications to the provision service for the purchase of goods for the purpose of customers’ satisfaction.